Glory Cruise

Glory cruise
Glory cruise


Glory cruises has welcomed and taken guests around Halong Bay since 2009 with many praises. It is without doubt the most popular choice for mid-range and budget travelers.

The interior of Glory cruise is a masterpiece of decoration with a harmonious combination of dark brown, white, and black. In addition of high quality furniture and amenities, the whole cruise is the combination of modernity, coziness, and superiority.

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Glory cruise restaurant
Glory cruise restaurant

One of the most unforgettable features of Glory Cruise is its crew members. 18 staff members working in different position, plus one cruise manager, are all well-trained and always serve customers with great care. Passengers can always find staff member whenever they need assistance. Some guests even say that on Glory Cruise, you don’t even need to ask for help, because the crew knows what you want even before you say it out loud.

Amenities and Activities

There are 8 deluxe cabins on the first floor and 4 suites cabin on the second floor. There is also a family suite on the second floor with open private balcony. This suite is ideal for family of four as it has 1 double beds and 2 twin beds in each cabin.

Glory cruise cabin
Glory cruise cabin

Glory Cruise sets quite a standard itinerary with trips to visit the most essential attractions in Halong Bay. The 2 days 1 night and the 3 days 2 nights tour that takes passengers to various destinations such as fishing villages, Surprise Cave, Titop Island, with amazing activities on board like cooking class or kiting.


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